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ACE Group Industrial Investments and Sister Companies:

1.General Mediterranean for Paper Industry (GMPI) :

Capacity of 250,000 Tons/Year. Located: Beni Suief City – Arab Republic of Egypt.

ACE Share : 24% of the shares of the company.

Partner Share : 76% owned by Sir / Nadhmi Auchi, one of the top 10 UK businessmen and the owner of GMHSA Group (www.Gmhsa.com)

Partner Address: Lincoln House, 137-143 Hammersmith Road, London W14 0QL, United Kingdom



  1. Alshanti Group Saudi Arabia owned (6) factories for producing plastic from (1979 – 1996) in the name of Al-Shanti and Ghandoura. The main partner was Sheikh Mostafa Ghandoura. The factory of plastic cups, PVC plastic raw materials, plastic bags and plastic shoes. The Group owns 50% of the shares. The shares have been sold in full.
  2. The Group established plastic washing machines factory from (1997 - 2001) with productive capacity of 100 thousand washing machines / annually produced by the Olympic Group. Then, the project was sold to Olympic Group.
  3. The Group sold number of (4) factories for refrigerators and stoves. That is for the benefit of  Fresh  company from  year  (2005  –  2015).  All  of the factories are working successfully.
  4. Mr. Youssef Al-Shanti (Honorary Chairman of the Group and one of the pioneers of the  plastics  and  chemicals  industry  in  the  Middle  East) established several factories, Gulf Factory, with Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Rajhi in year (1974). The shares have been sold five years later. it is now one of the largest companies in the field of plastics in the Middle East.
  5. The Group established the largest industrial Group in the field of plastics in Arab Republic of Egypt, it is Al-Shanti Group in year (1976) in Tenth of Ramadan City, in which thousands of engineers, workers and administrators worked. Most of the shares have been sold in year (2005).
  6. The Group established the first manufacturing company of drip irrigation networks. That is in year (1982) in the name of Al-Shanti Company for Modern Agricultural Supplies. It covered the Egyptian market and exported irrigation networks to Middle East and EU Countries in developing the desert agricultures in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Arab world.
  7. The company established the first factory for producing foam cups in year (1997) in the  name  of  Al-Shanti  Company for Modern Plastic in Production of PVC sheets used in package materials. The Group owns 100% of shares of the company.
  8. The Group established a complete factory for the production of plastic shoes in year (1986) and the productive capacity of the factory is 50 thousand shoes / day, where the Group owns 100% of shares of the company. The shares have been sold in full the name of Al-Shanti Plastic Company.
  9. The Group sold a complete factory for production of household refrigerators in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That is for Mr. Khaled El-Zahid company.
  10. The group established a factory for production of display refrigerators for the hotels and commercial shops in Arab Republic of Egypt in year (1987). That is in the name of Amiral company.
  11. The Group established industrial detergents factory in Tenth of Ramadan City in Arab Republic of Egypt in year (1982), where the Group owns50%of shares of the company. The shares have been sold in full.