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IV Bag Line

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Complete CNC Roll Forming Line For Trapezoidal & Corrugated Profiles For Roofing And Cladding, Line In Excellent Condition, Still Installed Under Power

Technical Specification:
Output approx. 400 bph, the output depends on the bag and port material.
Bag material Cryovac M 371
Sealing method Bag outline and port sealing using a contact heat seal system.
Welding temp. 100º C - 250º C +/- 2º C
Bag design Single chamber bags with boat port
Bag formats 500 ml: 80 x 95mm
1000 ml: 90 x 115mm
Sequence control Type Siemens S7
Pneumatic outfit Type FESTO
Pneumatic air exhaust Centralized air collecting and exhaust system
Power feed 3 x 480V 60 cycles
The incoming 3 x 480V will be transformed into 3 x 400/230V with grounded N-conductor (neutral-point).
The transformer will be installed in a separate stainless steel control cabinet.
Compressed air 6 kg/cm²
Air exhaust Centralized air collecting and exhaust system
Emergency off switch Actuating the emergency off switch stops all electrically and pneumatically controlled functions

Type: Negotiated Sales
Manufacturer: N/A
Contact Person: Eng. Shehta AlSahhar
Location: Other
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