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Used Animal Feed Plant

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Working tower made with iron frame and a sandwich sheet metal tampon, with a covered area of approx. 273 sqm, and a height of 36 meters.

The following departments are inside:

Ingredients dosage systems
No. 24 silos of which: 8 for vitamins and trace minerals; 16 for raw materials. 35-50 tonnes each. trace minerals of electronic scale up to 1 ton, 2.5 to 3 t for raw materials.

grinding and mixing: 15 t / h with a grid of 4 mm and 18 t / h ø 8 mm grid flaking system; capacity 4-5 t / h for maize and faba bean and 3 t / h for barley pelleting system: capacity of 10 t / h ø 3-4 mm and 13 t / h ø 6-7 mm

Finished product:
No. 15 silos 35-50 tonnes each
mixer for dosing of fat and molasses, both for mixing that pelleting capacity of the mixer from 2.5 to 3.0 m cleaning cereals suction device no. 1 silos for molasses with a covered surface area of approx. 12 sqm no. 1 silos for fat with an area of approx. 12 sqm no. 1 compressor and pressure tank (Fini brand)

It deals with food for chickens / laying hens and ruminants, you can produce both the meal feed and the cube-shaped product (like pellet), complete with flaking system (such as cereals).

Production capacity:
Food for chickens / laying hens: hourly capacity of 18 tons .Food for ruminants: hourly capacity of 15 Ton.

Type: Negotiated Sales
Manufacturer: N/A
Contact Person: Eng. Shehta AlSahhar
Location: Other
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