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Complete Line for Hot Fill in PET and Glass Bottles

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Upgraded with Equipments up to 2011    

Make:                  KHS

Year:                   Upgraded with Equipments up to 2011   

Product:              Juice and other hot fill products

Formats:             PET: 33cl, 50cl, 1L with 32mm plastic screw cap

  Glass: 33cl, 50cl with twist off cap

Capacity:             33cl –Glass and PET 36,000 BPH. Can also be run at half capacity 18,000 BPH

Using one level of tunnel pasteurizer.

50 cl – PET 36,000 BPH

75cl – Glass 26,000 BPH

1L – Glass and PET 26,000 BPH

Type: Negotiated Sales
Manufacturer: N/A
Contact Person: Eng. Shehta AlSahhar
Location: Other
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