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Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine (6 layers)

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Extrusion Blow moulding for more than 10 liters

Machine Type: Extrusion Blow moulding for more than 10 liters
Manufacturer: KAUTEX
Model: KBS2-361/150 Co-Ex 6 layers D

Container size with actual configuration: 95 l
Number of heads: 1
Material type: PE
Number of stations: 2
Number of extruders: 6

Kautex Model KBS2-361/150 Co-Ex D Continuous Extrusion Blow Molding Machine designed to produce fuel tanks for automobiles, trucks, ATV's etc

- Head configuration- Model CP600 Co-Ex (6) layer head
- Extruder specifications
- A- Regrind layer- 150 mm/25 L:D ratio
- B- Inner layer- 120 mm/25 L:D ratio
- C- Outer layer- 90 mm/25 L:D ratio
- D- Adhesive layer- 50 mm/25 L:D ratio
- E- Adhesive layer- 50 mm/25 L:D ratio
- F- Barrier layer- 60 mm/25 L:D ratio
- Clamp configuration- Double shuttle
- Clamp force- 165 tons
- Clear platen dimensions- 1700 mm width x 1500 mm height
- Maximum clamp open daylight- 2250 mm
- Automatic part take out
- Includes the following extras and upgrades:
- Octagon gravimetric blending system- new in 2007
- Kautex Model BC4 PLC controller with color screen- new in 2009
- Robot to place E ring (for fuel pump) in fuel tank

Type: Negotiated Sales
Manufacturer: N/A
Contact Person: Eng. Shehta AlSahhar
Location: Other
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