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Pasta Factory 60,000 Ton/Year

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Long cut pasta,BRAIBANTI line for Lasagna tipe pasta


  1. BRAIBANTI long cut pasta , with a nominal production of 3000kg/hr (we estimate an actual 2500/2700 kg-hr)
  1. Two short cut pasta lines, a BUHLER and a BRAIBANTI – Buhler nominal      production3000 kg-hr and 2000 kg-hr on the Braibanti.

 3.     A BUHLER for nests pasta and big Rigatoni

 4.     A BRAIBANTI line for Lasagna tipe pasta

  1. Several types of packaging lines (10 and over) brand RICCIARELLI.
  1. In the factory exists also a completely automatic loading, storage and download system for pallets full of pasta (it holds over 3600 pallets). From a computer one can access the data for the storage of the pallets and also to tell the robotized system what pallets to pick up from
    1. The shelves for transport. All controlled by robotics.
  1. There is a complete water treatment plant as well as all the air conditioning system for the factory. Electrical and plumbing is all included for the whole factory.
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