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PET Preform

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Manufacturer:Krauss Maffei, Year:2006

PET preform production line, consisting of: Krauss Maffei type KM 320-6100 CS; Chiller GWL type SKLC PET 460 2K; Pump set for chiller with water tanks GWK type 371705; Dryer PIOVAN type DP630; Vertical silo for granulates PIOVAN; Refrigerator for tools PAVARINI type BLU 18BXOA; Vacuum pump for transport of granulates SIMENS type G 200 2BH1819-7HH36; and Robot for reception of preforms Krauss Maffei type PET-Angle.

Type: Negotiated Sales
Manufacturer: Waldron Harting
Contact Person: Eng. Shehta AlSahhar
Location: Other
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