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Three Used Soft Drinks Bottling Plants

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Blow Moulding, Filling and Palletising Line 3

Blow Moulding, Filling and Palletising Line 3:-
Blow Moulders (Qty 2) Model SBO14
with Sidel preform hoppers and preform infeed conveyors. Preform size 21.5 g. 1881 Neck Finish. Allen Bradley Panelview 600 controls and Gantry for infeeds included. Pressco bottle inspection system and moulds are excluded. These moulders are currently configured for 35mm bottles so client will be exchanging the necessary change parts.
Airveyor transporting bottles to labellers. Some airveyor will also be retained and the airveyor lowerators are being retained.
Labeller Model Roll Quattro F35 Type 27T-SR-HH3-S1-E1
with Lauer 'PCS CNC control and Nordson 'Versablue adhesive gluing unit (2007). 250ml - 2l bottle capacity but currently set for 500mm Oasis bottle. Bottles prepressurised prior to labelling with sterile air prefiltered through Donaldsons 'Ultrafilter'.
Label Detector:- Model (basic)
Air Conveyors:-
With Allen Bradley 'Panel Vision 1000' control unit.
Rinse/Filling Capper Machine:- Model Bluestar 2000
With Sasib 70 head rinser, Sasib 90 head filler with CO2 and Nitrogen dosing facility, Arol Euro PK 15 head capper, 113mm filler pitch. 34,000 bottles/hour capacity. 500mm - 1500mm bottle sizes.
With Carbo 2000 CO2 analyser, 1350l capacity tank
Reject Lane:-
Divider:-Model BMCA 196/6
With GF control.
6 lane Overwrapper:- Model SK450T
No tray inserts facility.
Heat Tunnel:-Model ST3000
180 Degree bend.
Size adjustable, automated.
Pack Turning Unit:-
Conveyor to Palletiser:-

Palletiser:- Model PAL KOMBI-1P11
With pallet infeed, layer pad inserter and transfer conveyor.
Pallet Wrapper:-Model Helix 40
Take Off Conveyor

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Contact Person: Eng. Shehta AlSahhar
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